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Historical publications

Contemporary publications are of great importance for historical research. They tell us how the public viewed certain developments, and sometimes they show us a glimpse of machines and men both long forgotten...
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Series 1. On April 24, 1858 for instance, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly in New York published an extensive article about one William Francis, a New York physician and inventor, who had developed a writing machine. The article actually says he sold several of the machines for 100 dollars a piece. None of his machines have survived.
An interesting detail in the article is that Francis also invented a mechanical cane that could hold small coins. The contraption was intended to help one pay his bus fare without falling over. It was difficult to stay on your feet in horse drawn public transport.

Series 2. In september 1894, the Journal of the Society of Arts in London, devoted two issues to present a lecture on the history and develpment of the typewriter.

Series 3. The Illustrated London News featured a report on the London world exhibition on Sep 1, 1891. In a full page illustration it showed two ladies demonstrating the North typewriter to an international audience. China and the Ottoman empire were clearly represented in the crowd.

Series 4. The most famous typewriter publication is that of August 10 1872 about the Sholes Type Writer. Note the fourth picture with a letter to the editor by Carlos Glidden, complaining about the fact that his name wasn't mentioned in the article.

Following is a list of typewriter-related publications in Scientific American:
July, 1867 Pratt Typewriter
August 10, 1872 Sholes and Glidden
Feb. 15, 1879 Hitters Typewriter
1882 Sholes and Glidden
July 10, 1886 Hall
1886 World
Oct. 16, 1886 Cheap Typewriter
Dec.18, 1886 Original Typewriter = Beach Typewriter
April, 1887 Thurber
1888 Remington
Jan. 23, 1888 Morris
Feb. 24, 1888 Electric Typewriter
Sept. 28, 1889 Victor [Index]
April 19, 1890 Durrin and Sheldon Typewriter
November 21, 1891 Lowe [Book] Typewriter
August 8, 1891 Edlund
Jan. 14, 1893 National
Dec. 30, 1893 Anderson
Jan. 13, 1894 Linotype
Feb. 3, 1894 Edison
May 12, 1894 Typewriter Prism
May 19, 1894 Gearharts Counter for Typewriter Strokes
Dec. 1, 1894 American
Jan. 19, 1895 The Typewriter Telegraph
June 8, 1895 Daugherty
1896 Dudley
1896 Hammond
May 22, 1897 Anderson
Dec. 10. 1898 Caligraph
Nov. 30, 1889 Gledhill
Nov. 24, 1900 Underwood
1901 Page Printing Telegraph
June 21 & 28, 1902 Elliot-Hatch
Oct. 17, 1905 Kamm Wireless Typewriter
March 11, 1905 Remington
Sept. 30, 1905 Allen
Oct. 31, 1908 Knudson Wireless Typewriter
1910 Noiseless
Sept. 21, 1912 Pocket