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Trade cards

Typewriter marketeers of the 19th and early 20th Century did not have radio or television to spread the word. But as far as printed matter went, they already knew most tricks in the book.

An interesting phenomenon was the 'trade card', a card with information about a product that was printed on both sides. Some cards had product-related information on both sides, but at some point a marketeer came up with the concept of collectable trade cards.
By printing product information on one side and a general picture on the other side, the simple piece of advertising was turned into a desirable collectable for children.

Click the links below to see large images of a number of interesting trade cards. The files average 20-40 kb, so be patient as they download.
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Brand Front Back
Daugherty Front Back
Hammond 1B Front Back
Hammond Front  
Hammond Multiplex Front Back
Merritt Front Back
Remington Front  
Remington portable Front  
Remington 2 Front Back
Remington 2 Front  
Remington 6 Front Back
Remington Front Back
Sholes & Glidden Front  
Smith Premier 1 Front Back
Smith Premier 2 Front Back
The Type Writer Front Back
Victor Front Back
Yost 10 Front Back


* Courtesy: P. & C. Weil collection