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Sexy Legs
and Typewriters

Women in office-related advertising, humor, glamour and erotica.

Includes all the pictures on this page and many, many more. A free sample PDF-file is available for download.


Image archives:
Typewriter Erotica

Secretaries have fed the imagination since the first one entered the office in the 1880s (see history-social relevance). Secretaries appeared in different stages of nudity in pictures ranging from innocent leg-shots to total nudes and beyond. (If you find naked typewriters offensive, stay away from this page.)


Most of the older pictures presented through popup links below, seem to have been produced in France in the 1920s and 1930s.

The series running on the right comes from a collection of 17 original stereo photo negatives. Their correct order is not clear. Note a glimpse of an ankle and a very nice Smith Premier 2.

Underwood - sexy legs - (1920s)**
Underwood - sexy legs 2 - (1920s)**
Underwood3 - legs and eraser - (1920s)**
Underwood3 - legs and eraser 2- (1920s)

Royal 10 - nude standing - (1920s)
Royal 10 - nude standing 2- (1920s)

Underwood - nude - (1920s)**
Underwood - nude (same picture on mirror) - (1920s)**
Underwood - nude 2- (1920s)**

Underwood - boss and sexy legs -(1920s)**

** Courtesy: Typistries collection