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Too many typing courses were developed over the years in too many languages to even begin to list them here. Therefore the library lists only a limited number of interesting examples.


The Gregg publishing company published a very popular series of typewriter course books. In 1923 they supported their Rational Typewriting course with a series of 78 rpm records with tunes in ever faster rythms to help typists increase their speed.
(see picture series 1)
To download a sound sample of these recordings as an mp3 file right click the link and save the target file to your hard disk.

The Smith Premier company published a new edition of its Modern Typewriting and Manual of Office Procedure with each new model of the machine. The books not only contain a complete manual for the different Smith Premier models, but also guidelines for work in the office, including the use of duplicators, pigeon holes etc. etc. (see series 2)

The third picture series shows some images from a number of other courses, like the Van Sant system for Touch Typewriting and 'Ornamental Typewriting.