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'Typewriter' - A Celebration of the Ultimate Writing Machine

Appears October 2016 - Pre-order your copy now

A beautifully illustrated hardcover book in full color with biographies and articles and hundreds of photos.

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Authors: Paul Robert and Peter Weil

Publisher: STERLING, New York


Price: 21.95 US dollars

224 pages, richly illustrated with hundreds of photos, drawings, advertisements and illustrations.


'TYPEWRITER' is the first comprehensive guide to the world of antique typewriters published by a leading publishing house in twenty years. It contains the latest discoveries in typewriter research and in several cases literally rewrites history.

In 'TYPEWRITER' photo-journalist Paul Robert and anthropologist Peter Weil combined their professional backgrounds with their common passion for typewriter history to create this book. It contains new, high quality photographs of sometimes extremely rare typewriters, shot in four different countries. But what makes the book stand out between other books about antiques and collectibles is the combination with antique photos from the Peter and Cornelia Weil Typewriter Archive, which place the machines in their proper historical context.

You see typewriters being produced in steam-driven 19th century factories and workshops, and in use in pioneer newsrooms, private homes and early offices. Early advertising, letters and posters create a colorful framework for the book.