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The Five-Pound Secretary
(Temporarilly sold out - A new, updated edition is currently in production)

An illustrated history of the Blickensderfer Typewriter.

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Authors: Robert Blickensderfer and Paul Robert

ISBN: 90-74999-05-0

Price: 19.50 euros.

128 pages, richly illustrated with dozens of photos, drawings, advertisements and catalog illustrations.

About the book.

George Blickensderfer invented two of the most advanced writing machines of his time: The Blickensderfer 1 and the Blickensderfer Electric. The market wasn't ready for them. The Blickensderfer name is now forever linked to a charmingly simple portable typewriter: the Blickensderfer 5.
This book tells the story of an American inventor, his dreams and the harsh reality. It is based on original research and contemporary source material.