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There is a surprising amount of literature about the history of typewriters. This library will list as many as possible, beginning with an 'editor's choice' of encyclopaedic works that were important sources for this Virtual Museum.


In the 1960s an anonymous Dutch collector produced this typescript on typewriter history, with photo's from the collection of Friar Ferrerius, founder of the Tilburg typewriter museum Scryption.  

Robert, Paul and Peter Weil: Typewriter - A Celebration of the Ultimate Writing Machine. 2016, Sterling Books, New York. ISBN 978-1-4549-2078-6

Virtual Typewriter Museum productions:
Blickensderfer, Robert and Paul Robert - The Five-Pound Secretary. An illustrated history of the Blickensderfer Typewriter. 2003.
Robert, Paul - Sexy Legs and Typewriters - Women in office-related advertising, humor, glamour and erotica. 2003.

Out of print:
Adler, Michael: Antique Typewriters - From Creed to QWERTY. 1997, Schiffer Publishing. ISBN 0-7643-0132-2
Lippman, Paul: American Typewriters - A Collector's Encyclopedia. 1992, Original&Copy. ISBN 0-9633201-0-6 (out of print)
Martin, Ernst: Die Schreibmaschine und ihre Entwicklungsgeschichte. 1949. Reprinted 1982, Verlag Basten. Out of print.
Rehr, Darryl: Antique Typewriters & Office Collectibles. 1997, Collector Books, ISBN )-89145-757-7

Other works on typewriter history:
Mares, G.C. -
The History of the Typewriter, Successor to the Pen (Original publ. 1909, Pitman, London - Reprinted by Post-Era books 1985)
Current, Richard - The Typewriter and the men who made it (original publ. 1954, University of Illinois - reprinted by Post-Era books 1988)
Post, Dan - Collector's Guide to Antique Typewriters (Post Era books 1981 )
History of the Typewriter (Reprinted from the 1923 original - Typewriter Topics ; Ames Supply Company)
Bliven, Bruce - The Wonderful Writing Machine (Random House - 1954)
Beeching, Wildred - Century of the Typewriter (Heinemann - 1974. Reprinted as paperback in 1990)
Matter, Darryl and Roxana - A Pictorial Collection of Simplex Typewriters from the Early Twentieth Century (Private publication 1983)
Ulbrich - Kleine Entwicklungsgeschichte der Schreibmaschine (Fachbuchverlag Leipzig - 1953)
James, Duncan - Old Typewriters (Shire album 293 - 1993)
Herkimer Society - The History of the Typewriter 1873-1923 (Herkimer Society, New York - 1923)
Weller, Charles E. - The Early History of the Typewriter (Chase & Sheperd, Indiana - 1918)
Foulke, Arthur T. - Mr. Typewriter (Biography of C.L. Sholes) (Christopher Publishing House - 1961)
Hossfield, George - The History of the Typewriter (Underwood corporation, New York, 1958)
Zellers, John A. - The Typewriter, A short history on its 75th anniversary 1873-1948 (Newcomen Society, NY - 1948)
Herrl, George - The Carl P. Dietz Collection of Typewriters (Milwaukee Public Museum - 1965)
Tilghman Richards, G. - The History and Development of Typewriters (H.M's Stationary Office, London - 1964 (first edition: 1938))
Masi, Frank - The Typewriter Legend (Matsushita Electric Corporation of America - 1985)
Waize, Alfred - Peter Mitterhofer und seine 5 Schreibmaschinen-Modelle (Heckners Verlag, Wolfenb�ttel - 1978)
Boot, J and L.H.M. Knaven - De historische ontwikkeling van de schrijfmachine (Wolters-Noordhoff, Groningen, Netherlands - 1978)

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