This timeline lists only machines that are part of the collection of the Virtual Typewriter Museum. As the virtual museum grows, so will the timeline.

Click your mouse on the knob in the slide in the navigation bar and pull it up or down to display a list of typewriters appearing in that year. When you release the knob, thumbnails appear in the body of the page.

What do you mean, first year?
This timeline is not based on patent dates, but on the year any given machine (or model) was actually sold for the first time. For later machines, knowledge about the first year of marketing is usually quite exact, based for instance on newspaper ads. For earlier machines information is more sketchy.

The timeline starts in 1873, with this publication about the first model of the Sholes & Glidden typewriter. In the museum you'll also find the Sholes & Glidden listed for 1877, which is when that particular model appeared.