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A cleaning brush, screw drivers, oil bottles and oilers, special cases and cover, spare type shuttles or type wheels.

Each machine came with its own accessories, tools and optional extras. And each kind of accessory can become a collection in itself. The pictures tell their own story:

1. Oilers and oil bottles. The bottle in the wooden holder is carries the Underwood factory name.

2. Munson speed keys. These soft rubber key covers were intended to clip over the standard keys on the typewriter, for increased speed and greater comfort.

3. Continental copy holder. Copy holders were produced by quite a few typewriter companies, but they are relatively rare in good condition.

4. Hammond type shuttles. Hammond produced type shuttles for most major languages and in many different fonts.

5. A full set of Blickensderfer accessories, including ink bottle, oiler, several vials with ink rollers, two typewheels, brush, screw driver and tweezers and pin to replace ink rollers.

6. The typewriter repairman typically owned a series of highly specialized tools, and of course cases with all sorts of tiny parts and pieces.