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This Virtual Typewriter Museum deals with typewriters. But inevitably, when putting together a collection of typewriters (virtual or in the real world) the collector will run into related articles worth keeping. These can develop into specialized collections by themselves.


In 1925 a typewriter repairman glued together 18 matchboxes to keep the loose type he needed.  

There are typewriter collectors who also collect telephones, or printing presses or calculators. There is even at least one specimen known of this most peculiar of collectors: the spotter. Like train spotters and plane spotters, the typewriter spotter does not collect actual typewriters, but shows up wherever typewriters may appear to jot down their serial numbers.

On this page we present a concise list of collectibles that are closely typewriter related, with some examples. In the Library you'll find book titles and web addresses where more information on these subjects can be found.