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Postal 3

First year of production:
Postal Typewriter Co. , New York , USA
Serial nr:

The Postal seems like a cross breed between the Blickensderfer and the Hammond. The machine had a typewheel almost identical to the Blick and the way it turned was controlled by a series of upright pins, similar to the Hammond turret.

The Postal printed through a ribbon, that was fixed to two parallel ribbon spools, right behind the platen. With the typewheel striking down onto the platen, with the ribbon under it, the writing was in effect invisible.

There are said to be 8 different models of the Postal, but in fact only three have been reported, of which the number 7 is very rare.

The Postal 3 (presented here) and 5 (with a raised scale above the platen) are the relatively most common Postals.

The Postal was exported to Germany, Austria, Russia and France.

See the book “Typewriter”, page 133

Courtesy of: Costa collection