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Odell 5 - America

First year of production:
America Company , Momence, Ill , USA
Serial nr:

The Odell 5 typewriter and the America are the missing link between the commonly known Odell typewriters and the New American No 5 and International No 5. There has been considerable confusion in the past about the link between the New American and the Odell.

The Odell 5 presented here was found together with an original bill of sale from the America Company in Momence Illinois. On the bill, the Momence name is handwritten, over what was apparently the previous seat of the American Company, Rockford. The machine was sold in May 1906, giving proof that the Odell typewriter was in fact produced at such a late date.

Also note the small round logo of the America Company that not only appears on the name shield of the Odell 5 (Pic 4), but also on the America (pic5), that apparently was the final version of the Odell, before the 'New American' (see International) appeared. The America also had different decorations on the cast iron base (pic 6).

(Pictures Odell 5: John Port America: Reinmar Wochinz)

Courtesy of: J. Port collection