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Odell 2

First year of production:
Odell's Typewriter Company , Chicago , USA
Serial nr:

Later models of the Odell typewriter differ only in minute details from eachother. The major difference between the Odell 1 and 2, is that the Odell 2 was the first to write lower case and capital letters. It also had a base that was decorated quite differently from the Odell 1b.

The Odell 2 does not have a model number on the machine itself. It is identified by the small rectangular name plate on the top with the words Odell's Typewriter and the year 1890 as latest patent date (pic 5). The Odell 3 and 4 (and the short-lived Odell 5) had the name and model number cast into the top plate, that was also semi-circular.

The detailed pictures here show quite clearly the decoration on the completely plated round base of the machine (pic 4).

Shifting between lower case and capitals was done with the small lever that was mounted, right of center, on the top of the type rail. It can be seen in picture 1. The type itself consisted of a red copper rail with two rows of type for upper and lower case (pic 6).

Typing was done by pushing the entire segment holding the type bar down, onto the paper. In the movement, an ink roll kept the type wet. The ink rol sat on a spring that was attached to a fork that stood up from the base. There were two handles. The top one was pushed down for spacing. The bottom one was pulled up to release the carriage for a line return (pic 3).

Courtesy of: Robert collection