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Odell 1b

First year of production:
Odell's Typewrite Company , Chicago , USA
Serial nr:

The Odell linear index typewriter of 1889, originally had a straight base with feet on the corners. Soon the Odell 1b appeared that is presented here, with a round base.

The machine was used by sliding the bar with the type on it along the rail until the pointer met the right letter and pushing it down to print.

The type bar is loose inside the rail (pic 5) and is often missing.

Inking by roller.

Six Odell models were produced with the same round base, but different decorations. Later models write caps and lower case letters.

The original Odell was manufactured byt the Type Writer Co. in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (just north of the Illinois
border). It was later manufactured in the round-base form at Momence by Odell and then by Odell-Young Co, in Momence, Illinois (either before or after the move). The last versions were manufactured by a new company:
America Company of Momence, Illinois. In 1906 The America company sold the last machine to carry the Odell name: the Odell 5. Soon after, the modernized International, or New American Typewriter appeared (see International).

Courtesy of: Costa collection