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Noiseless Portable

First year of production:
Noiseless Typewriter Company , The variable could not be found , USA
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The Noiseless Portable was introduced in 1921. It appeared next to the heavy Noiseless office models, with a somewhat simplified 'noiseless' mechanism.

The Noiseless Portable struck the paper with a careful karate chop 
The Noiseless Portable is a thrust-action machine with a special treat. The type doesn't bounce off the rubber platen as in regular typewriters. The type barely reaches the platen. The machine is adjusted to place the type with a perfect karate chop onto the paper, but not through it. And despite the fact that this system requires a metal platen to provide enough counter pressure to print, there is barely any noise.

The Noiseless Portable did not live very long. The Noiseless factory was taken over by Remington in 1924 and the portable model was changed to live on with a rubber platen and the Remington name and look.

Still, there are two variations of the portable, with the difference only in the decal on the front. The earliest version only carried the name. The later version boasted an elaborate decal, similar to the one on the office model.

To store the portable in its case, the paper tray would be brought to the front to serve as a clamp holding the carriage in place. The space bar folded up.

See the book TYPEWRITER, page 204, for more details.

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Under side of the keyboard.