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McCool 2

First year of production:
Acme-Keystone Manufacturing Co. , Beaver Falls, Pa , USA
Serial nr:

The Acme-Keystone Manufacturing Co. of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, was not the most successful of typewriter producers. The three machines it produced, the Keystone, the Sterling and the McCool 2 (there is no McCool 1) are all very rare today.

The McCool was a relatively cheap 3-bank keyboard typewriter. It used a typewheel similar to the Blickensderfer, a hammer that strikes from behind from a sliding rail like the Chicago, and an impression strip along the carriage, similar to the Hammond (photo 3).

It was invented by William A. McCool who was granted a patent in 1910. Production, however, was stopped when a fire destroyed the factory. Hence, one extremely rare machine.
See the book TYPEWRITER, page 184, for details.

Courtesy of: Casillo collection


The McCool 2. The typewheel and impression strip.