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Hammond 12

First year of production:
Hammond Typewriter Company , New York , USA
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In 1905, the Hammond factory introduced the Hammond 12, a machine that looked almost identical to the earlier models. The main improvement was the introduction of a ribbon vibrator on top of the turret, that actually turned the hammond into a visible writer.

It was a minor, but important improvement over the earlier machines, where the work being done was hidden by the turret. On the 12, the ribbon was raised when a key was struck and lowered when the key was released. The work was now in full view.

For the rest the Hammond 12 was as fascinating a machine as the earlier models. The model presented here is even more fascinating, because there are some details on the machine that are not seen on any other Hammond.

The Hammond factory produced a number of luxury versions of machines, like aluminium bodies to make it lighter and specially decorated cases. And of course they charged for these extra's.

However, the machine in the picture not only has the special decorated case, it also has a number of parts that are copper plated for decoration and it has very ornate supports on the left and right of the turret (see detailed pictures). No other Hammond typewriter like this one is known to exist and this model was never advertised.

It is not unlikely that the machine was produced as a test, or that it was customized for a very demanding client.

See the special feature on James Hammond in the book “Typewriter”, page 120.

Courtesy of: Costa collection