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Fox Portable 1

First year of production:
Fox Typewriter Company , Grand Rapids , USA
Serial nr:

The Fox Typewriter Company had produced a number of impressive machines since 1898, when it launched its first portable model in 1917. The Fox Portable No 1 was a folding model, the carriage of which was collapsible. The Corona company, producers of the highly successful Folding Corona, was not amused and sued.

There is a striking similarity between the profiles of the folding Fox and the Folding Corona, but the mechanism involved in sliding the carriage of the Fox backwards is totally different from that of the Corona. Nevertheless Corona won the case and forced Fox to introduce the non-folding Fox Sterling in 1920.

See the book TYPEWRITER, page 198 for more details.

Courtesy of: Robert collection


The profile of the Fox folding. The similarity to the Corona is obvious. The Fox folding from above. Side profile in working position, with the carriage standing up.
Side profile with the carriage folded backward.