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Blickensderfer 8

First year of production:
Blickensderfer Typewriter Company , Stamford, Conn , USA
Serial nr:

The Blickensderfer 8 was the first Blick to boast a tabulator system, although tabulators had been around for quite some time. It was a very peculiar looking tabulator, with large nickel-plated levers placed prominently on top of the machine, making it very easy to operate.

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With this model, the typewheel head was made of two casting instead of one. This allowed much easier access for repair and adjusting of the typewheel mechanism.

For more details info on the Blick series, see the entries for the Blicks 5 and 7 and the Dactyle.
See the extensive special feature about the Blickensderfer in the book “Typewriter” on page 134.

Courtesy of: Costa collection