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Sexy Legs and Typewriters

Women in office-related advertising, humor, glamour and erotica.
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Author: Paul Robert

ISBN: 90-74999-06-9

Price 19.50 euros.

112 pages, illustrated with more than 150 photos, ads, and postcards.

NOTE: The book contains about 40 pages of non-pornographic vintage erotic images, ranging from 1920's ankles to nudes.

About the book

Women and typewriters enetered into a sensual partnership of skin and steel the moment at which the first writing machine was operated by female fingers. That was back in the 1870s. Ever since, office girls have fed the male imagination for many different reasons.
Pretty women and typewriters appeared together in advertising; humorous photo series and postcards; glamour photos; and erotica. This richly illustrated book covers all these areas, from the first woman to appear in a typewriter ad to a large collection of nudes from all ages.

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